LCPtracker Daily Reporter
 For Electronic Submission of Daily Reports at the Construction Site

LCPtracker’s Daily Reporter is an advanced software module that allows for easy submittal of daily reports electronically at the construction site. Foremen can submit daily reports using their mobile devices in just a few moments. Daily Reporter, combined with LCPtracker Pro, will also compare each foreman daily report to the Certified Payroll Report submitted by the subcontractor payroll administrator. If there are any discrepancies or errors an immediate notice is created and the issue must be corrected. Individual subcontractor reports are automatically rolled up to an integrated master report.

Change Orders: Save Money, Ensure Payment

Manage your subcontractors change orders by validating work descriptions, employees, craft/classification and hours worked, thus ensuring work being done is a legitimate addition to the original task order.  When billing a legitimate change order to the owner, having proof of the activity and change in the daily report is essential to verify the change order should be paid.

Daily Reporter is ideal for

Daily Reporter is ideal for

•  Project owners ensuring compliance for the construction site
•  Prime contractors or construction managers in charge of daily reports
•  Busy construction sites where time-saving tracking features are always needed

Features & Benefits

Accuracy of Your Data - Matches your daily reports with your Certified Payroll    Reports
Automated Notifications – Notifies you of discrepancies between daily logs
   and Certified Payroll Reports
Time Savings - Foremen submit logs in a few moments
Financial Benefits - Reduces the risk of potential fraud and fines
Online Access – Available on phones, tablets and any web browser
Transparency– Immediate insight to all compliance data as it is submitted
Simple and Easy to Use - Training Wizard guides first time users
Reports - Daily logs, combined master report, list reports
Ensures Complete Data - Reduces risk of audit failure
Pre-loaded Craft & Classifications - Standard pick list of crafts used by all    foremen
Pre-loaded Employee Names - Employee data rolls over week to week
Paper Free – Go green with online data storage

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