DPI Services

Save time by simply uploading your payroll files.

LCPtracker's Direct Payroll InterfaceUse your existing accounting system's electronic file to directly upload all employeecertified payroll data to LCPtracker!

What is DPI?

DPI (Direct Payroll Interface) is additional service available to current or future LCPtracker software users. For those who are manually entering payroll records for their employees into LCPtracker database, DPI eliminates all repetitive data entry process by simply uploading the whole file directly to LCPtracker. If you are entering more than ten employees on a weekly basis and/or entering data from multiple projects, DPI can save you time!

How DPI Works

The direct payroll interface to LCPtracker will allow the use of existing export files from payroll systems as the upload source. Typically, this will be the existing Certified Payroll Report (CPR) that is in an electronic format such as PDF, TXT, or other file format. Please see the steps below to set up your direct payroll interface.

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How to Get Started:

1) Click on the blue "Click Here" button located on the right side of this page.

2) Fill out your personal information on the sign-up page and click submit.

3) Complete the subscription process by clicking "Pay Now" and paying for your start-up fee.

4) Get contacted by a LCPtracker DPI Specialist, within 48 hours, to set-up your DPI.

DPI Start-up Fee .........................................$595

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pictureOur challenge was to implement a reliable and cost-effective system that would track payroll data. LCPtracker came through with flying colors. The cost of the service is insignificant. The benefit has been great."

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