LCPtracker for Prevailing Wage and Workforce Management

LCPtracker is a powerful cloud-based, prevailing wage and workforce compliance/management solution. It is ideal for Agencies and Prime Contractors working on construction projects who need to generate Certified Payroll Reports and may need to track and enforce detailed worker information for compliance and workforce reporting.

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LCPtracker Daily Reporter for electronic submission of daily reports at the construction site

LCPtracker’s Daily Reporter is an advanced software module that allows for easy submittal of daily reports electronically at the construction site. Foremen can submit daily reports using their mobile devices in just a few moments. Daily Reporter, combined with LCPtracker Pro, will also compare each foreman daily report to the Certified Payroll Report submitted by the subcontractor payroll administrator.

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About Us

The LCPtracker system is the best web-based solution for managing certified payroll and stimulus reporting. Streamline and automate administrative functions with our turn-key hosted solution.

What They Say

pictureOur challenge was to implement a reliable and cost-effective system that would track payroll data. LCPtracker came through with flying colors. The cost of the service is insignificant. The benefit has been great."

By: Roc Stacey of Nevada DOT