DBE, Davis Bacon, ACDBE and ARRA

Administrators using LCPtracker are going to recognize some Key Benefits.  These include:

  • Time-Savings….Our clients report at least a 50% increase in efficiencies when implementing our solution

  • Efficiently-run Programs…. Administrators will benefit from real-time reports and standardized data

  • Reduced Risk….Be confident that contractors have submitted all necessary documentation and have paid their workers properly

Paper Reduction….Go Green with LCPtracker as we replace traditional, paper copies of Certified Payroll Reports and related labor compliance documentation!

Through LCPtracker’s unique, electronic system, your Agency will

  • Maintain compliance with Davis-Bacon regulations

  • Capture real-time reporting

  • Efficiently manage your Labor Compliance program:

About Us

The LCPtracker system is the best web-based solution for managing certified payroll and stimulus reporting. Streamline and automate administrative functions with our turn-key hosted solution

What They Say

pictureOur challenge was to implement a reliable and cost-effective system that would track payroll data. LCPtracker came through with flying colors. The cost of the service is insignificant. The benefit has been great."

By: Roc Stacey of Nevada DOT